Included amenities are:

Room size, tables and chairs:

The one comment we get when people first walk through our doors is ...  "WOW!  This place is huge." 
The area is approximately 2700 sq. feet of open space with ceiling fans and chandeliers that have
a mood setting dimmer switch.


We have additionally provided a large entertainment/game room for children and adults with:

1 dedicated television providing cable viewing and
1 tv that accommidates your personal gaming system and games

There are enough tables (20 - 5 ft round tables & 5 - 6 ft rectangle tables) and chairs (2oo) to
provide seating for up to 200 people.  They may be arranged in a variety of designs.

Beautiful big room

Elegant Set Up Gift table double cake tables
fruit table catering table


The Kitchen:

Our kitchen is very spacious with modern applicances including 2 refrigerators, 2 microwaves,

stove, coffee maker, 3 compartment sink & mop sink.

Unlike a large variety of event facilities, Events Unlimited allows you to provide your
own catering.

Kitchen 2 Kitchen 1

Band Set Up
Platform Stage:

The band (or DJ) may prefer to utilize the floor area, or if their preference
may be to use our platform stage, which is included at no additional fee.


Lane Miller
2208 Canyon Dr., Amarillo, Tx   79109

Lane's Mobile:  806-679-7954

Southwest corner of I-27 & I-40